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How to clean transcription
How to clean transcription

An introduction to cleaning transcription, identifying speakers, changing speakers and splitting transcription segments

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Recommended process

  1. Identify speakers

  2. Adjust transcription segments (split transcription)

  3. Change speaker tags

  4. Edit and clean the transcription text

How to identify speakers

If the speaker tags say "Speaker 1" and "Speaker 2" that means that the speakers haven't been identified yet.

  1. Go to the transcript and click one of the speaker tags

  2. Click "Identify Speakers" to specify who the moderator and who the participant is

How to split (make a new segment) transcript and change speaker tags

In order to split, or create a new transcript segment (new line) you can press the 'Enter' button on your keyboard.
Please note: Currently there's a bug where the transcript view don't update the speaker tags before you click "Save changes".

  1. Split a transcript by clicking any place in the transcript and hit the 'Enter' button on your keyboard

  2. You now have a new transcript segment

  3. Do not change speaker tags at this point. Instead, click "Save changes" to update the transcript view, and then change the speaker tag.

How to update speaker tags

When you have identified speakers (see above) you are also able to change the speaker tag. This is useful if for instance you have transcript segments with incorrect speaker tags. Please remember NOT to change speaker tags if you have made new transcript segments, which is done by pressing 'Enter' (more on this below)

  1. Click on a speaker tag

  2. In the dropdown, click on the speaker tag you want to use instead. In below example we're changing speaker tag "Kasper" to speaker tag "Moderator"

How to change transcript text

You are able to change the text in the transcript just like you would in any other text editing tool (e.g. Word). Write directly in the transcript to add or make changes to the transcript text. You are able to:

  1. Add text and words

  2. Delete text and words

  3. Change text and words

Remember to click "Save changes" when you are done with your edits

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