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How does the Sonar Recorder Chrome extension work? (Sonar)
How does the Sonar Recorder Chrome extension work? (Sonar)
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For desktop research, depending on your browser, you might be asked to install an extension that will be used to record the audio, camera and/or screen of your computer. This is how it works:

1. Before testing, you will receive an invitation and answer a few screening questions to ensure that you are eligible for the test.

2. If you are eligible to participate in the test, you will be provided with a unique link to the interview, this link is also sent to your email, so you can participate later.

Depending on your browser it looks like this:

3. After installing the extension, you can start your session. The test tasks will appear and our extension will start recording your session.

4. When you have completed all the tasks and end the session, the extension will stop the recording and submit your response.

5. You can uninstall Sonar Recorder at any time. Right click the extension icon and click "Remove from Chrome".

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