Study builder: Publishing your study

How to set your study live and begin collecting data

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Once you have completed setting up your new study in the study builder, the last step is simply to click the Publish button on the status card at the top of the study details page. Before you do so, please note the following:

Upon clicking Publish, you will no longer be able to edit or change the contents of the Study Settings, Audience & Recruitment or Study Design cards, nor study Category or Target group within the Purpose card.

You will however still be able to create, edit or remove Objectives, Analysis Brief and Purpose.


Once your study has been published, you have the ability to Unpublish a live study by clicking the 'Unpublish' button on the status card. Be aware, this option allows you to retract and close a published study, however this action is irreversible (i.e. 're-publishing' a previously unpublished study is not supported).

My study is published! What happens next?

Once your study is published and recruitment has begun, you will receive an email notification for each successful video recorded as part of your study, so you can monitor participation while the study is live.

Once we have received the specified number of videos, recruitment for your study will be closed and you will again be notified via email. At this point, your study becomes Ready for analysis and you can use Sonar to begin analyzing and working with your interviews as further described here.

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