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Study Builder: Audience & Recruitment (2 of 2)
Study Builder: Audience & Recruitment (2 of 2)

Set up recruitment of participants and provide introduction and consent form

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Specifying your Recruitment Approach

From the top of the Audience Definition screen, select the option for 'Recruitment'. This page allows you to specify how many participants will be recruited, how you wish to recruit them, and provides additional configurable information fields depending on your selected recruitment approach.

Start by specifying how many participants you wish to include in your audience in the 'Number of interviews' field. If you have configured multiple segments, you will also be presented with the option to adjust your allocation of total interviews into each segment (by default, we recommend and will aim for an even distribution across segments).

Next, select your recruit method from the available options:

  • Link: If you wish to conduct your own recruitment, select this option. We will provide you with a link to the study, which you may distribute via your preferred channels.

  • Specialist: If you wish for support with your recruitment via a Sonar participant recruitment specialist, select this option. You can read more about this here.

NB: Participant recruitment via third party recruitment panels is coming soon!

Next, you may additionally configure the beginning of your screener flow by providing the following:

  • Introduction to the study: To provide introductory context for your participants, as they begin completing the screener. We pre-populate this with an example text by default, if you wish to use this, remember to update the [placeholders] which are indicated by squared brackets.

  • Qualification for the study: Allows you to optionally include or exclude a set of pre-configured screening questions to gather additional audience criteria information.

  • Consent form: This allows you to specify terms & conditions and a privacy policy where required, and ensures participants provide consent and agree to these terms. If this option is left unchecked, you should ensure participant content is collected via other means.

  • Participant conversion rate: Use this to provide an estimate of the proportion of successful participant conversions you anticipate, based on the scope and likely availability of your sample. If you are recruiting yourself via a shared link, this is not applicable, and therefore not shown.

NB: Based on your selections, the above fields may be optional or mandatory, for example if you are recruiting via a specialist then we require introduction and consent form text, or if you are creating segmentation based on audience criteria, including audience criteria as screener questions is mandatory.

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