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Specify language, interview format, recording devices and other settings

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Within the study settings card, you are able to set up a number of parameters relating to the study and interviews you will be working with. From top to bottom, these are:

Interview language
This is the language that interviews are conducted in and participants are speaking. It is important this is accurate, as our voice-to-text service will transcribe the interviews in the language specified here. Note that each study should only contain videos in a single language (i.e. if working with videos in two or more languages, please split them accordingly into two or more separate studies).

Number of speakers

If your interviews contain multiple people speaking (e.g. either multiple participants, or a participant and a moderator) please specify the number of speakers. We will use this to inform automated speaker detection, and structure text sections according to speaker.

NB: automated speaker identification is currently supported in the following languages: Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.


This allows you to select what type of device you will enable participants to conduct their interviews on; i.e. whether you wish your participants to complete the study on a computer, smartphone, or either/both.


If you have selected Mobile previously, you'll be able to select here whether your study involves testing a native mobile app, in the form of either an iOS app or an Android app. If this option is selected, your task design will feature a placeholder (by default in the first task) which will let you provide a download link and instructions to your app on the relevant app store.

NB: Use this option only if you require a participant to install and use your app as part of their study. If you are simply showing a set of screenshots or video to preview an app, leave this option unchecked.

Recording devices

Enables you to specify which recording devices will be used for data capture. Microphone is always enabled as a minimum, however you can specify if participants should also enable either their webcam, or screen recording, based on your study needs.

NB: by selecting Camera and/or Screen, this will mean these devices are mandatory/required, however participants may optionally utilize them even if the boxes here are unchecked.

Source of data

Selecting the option here will enable you to upload interviews that you have recorded outside of the platform, i.e. existing video recordings. By selecting this option, the options available from the Study Details page will be updated to reflect this change. This means you will no longer be recruiting participants and recording videos through our platform, however will have the ability to upload your existing recordings, and retrospectively add tasks and structure videos into tasks using timestamps, to facilitate analysis in Sonar. You can read more about this process here.

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