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Study Builder: Objectives and Analysis Brief
Study Builder: Objectives and Analysis Brief

Describe your objectives and analysis approach

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The final cards available on the Study details page, are the Objectives and Analysis Brief cards. Unlike the previous cards, these can be clicked and edited as part of study setup, or can alternatively be skipped and edited at a later stage (e.g. after tasks have been set up and videos have been gathered). Each is outlined briefly below:


Objectives allows you to define a set of study objectives or business/research questions, to be covered as part of your study. These typically represent broader themes for your study or may be framed in terms of sets of tasks or parts of your solution/task design.

To enter your objectives, click on the Objectives card. From here, you can define your objectives by simply entering them into the available fields. While five fields are available by default, you may use fewer or add extra as you require. Typically, we would usually recommend adding between 5-8 objectives. Click 'Save' once you're done.

Analysis Brief

The Analysis Brief card provides a space to optionally write a brief or some notes to support analysis. These can be viewed by other Producer or Collaborator user accounts within your organization. You may wish to use this space either to plan out your analysis or write some tips, either for yourself to refer back to later or to support any colleague or coworker who may also work within this study.

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