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How to create your first project and study within the study builder

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Welcome to Sonar's new Study Builder!
The following pages will guide you, step-by-step, through the process of setting up and conducting your first study from start to finish.

This guide assumes that you have an account on the platform, and are a 'Producer' user (you can read more about the various user types here).

Firstly, navigate to the Sonar by clicking here. You will be presented with an overview showing your existing projects and studies (you can read more about studies and projects here).

Click 'Create project' and enter a name for your project, to create a new empty project. Once you are taken to your new project, click 'Create study'.

In the following screen, enter a name for your study, select an appropriate category for your product/service/company, and select whether your target audience will be made up of professionals/employees, or private customers/general consumers. Finally, the last field allows you to enter a purpose text, to describe the purpose and context for your study.

Click 'Create' once you are done. While you will notice some of these fields are mandatory, be mindful that you can always return to and change these fields at a later point if necessary.

You will now be presented with the 'Study details' page for your study, which contains a clickable checklist comprising of a set of cards, which represent the information to be entered as part of setting up your study. The following pages will summarize how to complete each of these cards, starting with the Study Settings card:

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