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Terms & Conditions for Specialist Recruitment
Terms & Conditions for Specialist Recruitment
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C.1. General:

When you [Customer] recruit through a specialist, we [UserTribe] will assign a Recruit Specialist to invite people to participate in your study.

When you recruit through a specialist, you will not be able to invite people to participate yourself.

When you recruit through a specialist, you will first need to define your study audience and estimate the participant conversion rate. You will receive the quote within seconds from request and must accept it together with the conditions set out below.

When you publish the study, UserTribe will receive notification and confirm recruitment with one (1) business day as per C.2. below. When all participants have been recruited, you will receive email notification that your study is ready for analysis.

The cost for recruit through a specialist is based on the estimated conversion rate and ranges between 70-225 EUR per participant for private customers and 100-400 EUR business professionals including participant reward per C8 below.

C.2. Conversion Rate

The participant conversion rate is how many people from your audience you believe will qualify after answering the screener questions. As an example, if your audience is ‘All 16-30 years old’ and you ask ‘do you use the internet daily’ as a screener question, then everybody will most likely qualify (=80%) – but if your audience is an older age group, then the conversion will most likely be less (40-60%), simply because older people use the internet less.

The participant conversion rate can never be higher than 80% because if everybody qualifies, somebody will always regret and drop out during the interview – and if you believe less than 20% will qualify, we recommend you either remove screener questions or allow more people to qualify.

C.3. Confirmation:

We will confirm recruitment with the Customer via email within one (1) business day from when the study is published (by the Customer), but hold the right to decline recruitment based on the estimated conversion rate.

If we decline to recruit, we will try to either provide a new quote based on an adjusted conversion rate, alternatively suggest a change to the audience criteria and/or screener questions.

C.4. Recruitment Channels:

We will reach out to potential participants through social media, website(s), 3rd party panels and referral marketing. It is the responsibility of UserTribe to comply with local law and regulations regarding digital marketing and always to ensure appropriate and prior consent before direct contact.

C.5. Participant Communication:

We will communicate with the participants in the defined interview language and, unless otherwise agreed, always identify you by company name.

If you have special requirements to copy, tone of voice and use of industry, company or product specific language, please let us know as soon as possible after confirmation and we will do our best to accommodate.

C.6. Participant Qualification:

All participants will be asked to complete the screener and will be automatically qualified or rejected. You build the screener and are as such responsible for the logic and accuracy.

C.7. Participant Consent:

You are the data controller and are therefore responsible for the content of the consent form, your terms and privacy policy, which must be accessible via link in the consent form. We will make sure all participants provide consent as part of the recruitment process.

C.8. Participant Reward:

The participant reward will be decided by the Recruit Specialist and is included in cost per interview. We will manage the reward pay-out to all participants that qualify and complete the interview. UserTribe will provide the Customer with evidence that the reward pay-out has been completed.

C.9. Reject Interview:

You are able to manually reject an interview no later than two (2) business days after all interviews have been collected and the study has been unpublished, if the participant is clearly not in the study audience, if technical issues with the recording or if the content is obviously false.

C.10. Recruitment Timeline:

We will do our best to recruit ‘private customers’ within 7 days and ‘business professionals’ within 14 days, but we do hold the right to extend this period based on the audience definition, screener questions and number of interviews.

C.11. Invoicing

We will invoice the full amount of the accepted quote when interviews have been col-lected and approved. We will hold the right to also invoice for interviews that have been rejected without valid reason per C.9.

C.12. Cancellation:

You are able to cancel recruitment by clicking ‘Unpublish’ on the ‘Study details’. We will then stop all activities and close the link to participate within one (1) business day.

If you cancel recruitment before all interviews have been collected, we will adjust the quote to reflect the number of recorded interviews after the link to participate has been closed and any interviews in progress have been completed.

C.13. Availability:

It is important that you are available to respond to emails and potentially phone calls as any delay in communication between us is likely to also delay the recruitment timeline.

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