How to install the UserTribe Recorder app

Instructions on how to install the mobile recording app 'UserTribe Recorder' and start a study on mobile

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  1. After passing the screener you are being redirected to the 'UserTribe Recorder' on the App Store (iOS) or the Google Play store (Android)

  2. Install the 'UserTribe Recorder'

  3. Open the 'UserTribe Recorder'

  4. Follow the instructions on the screen
    - Enable access to your phones camera, microphone and screen

  5. Click "Start study" to begin the test

Additional info

  • You can swipe the task window up and down to open and close the task window

  • Please note: if you have a phone with small screen resolution, you can scroll in the task text to show text that might not be visible

  • If there's stimuli (images, videos, websites etc.) you have to give feedback on, you have to open the stimuli and answer the questions presented, before you can go continue to the next question

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