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How to Analyze Customer Experience Data
How to Analyze Customer Experience Data

Highlight quotes and create observations to generate searchable nuggets

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As a Producer user you can setup your study from scratch using our new Study Builder, access and analyze your own existing research recordings, or analyze recordings collected by Sonar's specialists on your behalf. Once your interviews are on Sonar, the analysis process consists of three steps:

  1. Edit transcript

  2. Highlight Quotes & Observations and add keywords

  3. Create Insights

1. Edit Transcript

Transcripts processed by our model are accurate but rarely 100% perfect.

  • Make corrections - simply click and make edits directly into the transcript text - and click 'Save changes', or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL/⌘ + S, when you are done.

  • Time stamps - Every word has been assigned a timestamp and if you delete words, you also delete their associated timestamps.

  • Improve the model - By correcting transcripts you help our transcription model improve its accuracy.

2. Highlight Quotes and Observations

Once you have identified an insightful Quote (i.e. something they say) or Observation (i.e. something they do), simply click and drag your mouse cursor to highlight the relevant text. Next, you can select if you are creating a Quote or an Observation.

In some cases, you may wish to make a quote out of text that spans across multiple sections of the transcript: simply click and drag your highlight across sections as needed.


At this point, when working in a supported language, you'll see our automatic keyword tagging is applied - review, edit and add keyword tags to each nugget, to help structure your analysis and signpost high value quotes and observations later.

Once you have highlighted quotes and/or observations, these will be represented with an icon to the left of the transcript. These icons provide you with an overview of where in a transcript you have already worked and also enable you to edit existing quotes if you later need to go back and make corrections.


3. Create Insights

Once you have highlighted quotes and observations for all tasks across participants in a study, you are ready to group them to create insights.

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