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Atomic research: Human insights based on atomic units of experience data
Atomic research: Human insights based on atomic units of experience data

Learn about atomic research and how Sonar enables you to collect, analyze and deploy human insights easier than ever before.

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At Sonar we have been following a well-known tendency in both large and small organizations for more than a decade. The customer is constantly becoming a more influential stakeholder in the decision making process of business and product development.

Research is conducted, insights presented and decisions are being made. But... What happens afterwards to all the delicious data that the insights were based on? And what happens the next time, other teams could benefit from the same data and insights? After asking ourselves and our customers about those questions a few years back, we identified two unmet yet extremely desirable needs that any customer-centric organization should be able to identify, by:

  1. Being able to easily access and manage customer experience data from research collected recently and in the past.

  2. Being able to analyze and make sense of all that data across studies, topics, demographics, target groups, etc.

An enabler of atomic research

With an eager passion to fulfill those needs, and inspired by the concept of atomic research*, we built Sonar - a cloud-based platform for managing, analyzing and deploying human insights. By combining AI with easy-to-use software all your research is transformed into experience data packaged in searchable nuggets, essentially turning unstructured data into structured data. That's what atomic research is all about - breaking down large-scale customer research into searchable experience nuggets that can be brought together to generate new and undiscovered human insights.

What are experience nuggets?

An experience nugget is anything your customer says or does. They are transcribed quotes or observations tagged with keywords, sentiment and emotional reaction, all backed by a video snippet as evidence. With Sonar you can either upload your own or get Sonar's internal specialists to collect customer research for you. Either way, it's all stored in your own secure repository - a gold mine of searchable nuggets.

Deploying evidence based human insights

Searching and bringing together experience nuggets from across research to generate new human insights, allows teams and organizations to work smarter with all the data they collect. Evidence based answers to customer-related questions are no longer hidden and forgotten in old reports. With Sonar human insights are right at hand and easy to share to enable instant deployment in your organization.

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* Foundations of atomic research by Tomer Sharon, 2018

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