What will happen to my recorded video?
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After you have successfully uploaded your video, the video will be hosted and stored securely on our platform for analysis purposes and so our clients can have access and view your feedback. Our clients will be able to login to their platform in order to see study videos and the analysis done by our trusted Analyze Specialists.

It is important to note that we (UserTribe) are the sole data processers (unless otherwise agreed to), meaning your data or video will not be directly shared with our clients and is securely contained within the UserTribe ecosystem. If interested you can check out our Terms and conditions.


When your recording is approved, UserTribe will look through it to listen to your opinions and analyze your behavior. By looking through and analyzing the recordings from multiple participants, UserTribe can generate insights which we use to empower the clients to help them make better decisions.


During the analysis your video/feedback will be divided into multiple smaller video snippets called 'nuggets'. These nuggets contains your feedback to specific subjects or themes.

All similar or related nuggets from you and other participants are then grouped and organized into bigger 'containers' called Insights. These Insights containing multiple different nuggets are used to give the client insight into their new product or solution by answering their business questions.

Emotional Reaction

If your camera was enabled during the test session, the nuggets will also contain a visualization of your emotional reaction. Were you happy, angry, sad, neutral etc. while talking during a specific time frame.

Sentiment Analysis

On the nuggets we also analyze and visualize the sentiment of what on the nuggets. Meaning are what you're saying positive, neutral or negative.

The sentiment of all nuggets are also summarized for all Insights so the client is able to get a better overview

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