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Capture Tool: Real people captured in real time through any media
Capture Tool: Real people captured in real time through any media

Our proprietary Capture Platform records your customers interacting with stimuli in their own surroundings.

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The Sonar Capture Platform enables capturing of real people expressing themselves with or without different types of stimuli across all devices.

Get a competitive edge by testing your future products. The Capture Platform handles everything from ideas, prototypes to commercials/campaign material and of course physical products.

Powered by AI

People express themselves using all their senses and in context. In order to fully understand the customer and create valid human insights, Sonar's methodology and software utilizes the rich video-format to capture and analyze all sensory reactions, from sentiment to emotional reaction.

All of the videos captured through our Capture Platform, are transcribed using our custom Speech-To-Text model, powered by Google, supporting more than 80 languages with a guaranteed error rate of maximum 15%.

The test participants go through a Sonar certified task flow. The tasks in this flow are transcribed individually, dividing the transcription into different sections. Which enhances our Speech-To-Text accuracy and analysis capabilities. Additionally, our Speech-To-Text model supports speaker identification in several languages, perfect for moderated interviews.


When a participant joins a Sonar study, they go through the Sonar certified task flow, while expressing their thoughts through speech. Depending on the defined audience, we will utilize different industry standard interview types. All conducted within the comforts of the participant’s own environment.

Self test

The participants go through the task flow remotely by themselves, being able to participate from anywhere, ensuring quality responses with quick turnaround.

Assisted test

The participant is met remotely with one of Sonar’s specialists. The specialist is ready to assist and read the tasks out loud to the participant, while staying within the frame of the Sonar task flow.

Moderated interview

Unlike the assisted test, the moderated interview is a tailored remote interview that changes depending on the participants answers and which paths they take during the interview. It is an evolving real-time experience designed to take the participant off the beaten path.

In-person lab test

With in-person lab tests you can test physical products. It's the same premise as a remote moderated interview just with a physical stimuli instead of a digital one - the moderator is there to ask questions and guide them through the tasks.

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