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Recruit Platform: Global access to human perspectives on demand
Recruit Platform: Global access to human perspectives on demand

Delivering human perspectives from real people - empowering better business decision making

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At Sonar, we do not believe in the traditional research panels. These panels are a surefire way of getting expert participants. That’s why we will always advocate for a recruitment strategy using a combination of newly recruited participants, participants we know and having participants refer people they know. The Participants will always be sourced specifically to fit the purpose of the specific study to ensure committed and motivated Participants - we call it the Sonar Community.

The Sonar Recruit Platform is able to identify and recruit any target group in any market around the world. All ready to interact with your idea, concept or product. All while ensuring quick recruitment of any real person in any market. Even niche audiences within highly specific industries.


Sonar Community

The main Sonar community, is a dynamic community consisting of real, highly dedicated people, on which we have extensive information in order to segment based on the relevance to the study. The Sonar Community is also connected directly to various social media platforms. This combination enables us to source participants quickly and at scale.

Client Community

The Client Community consists of participants recruited exclusively for you as the Client. These participants will not be used for other Clients and are your personal custom Client Community.

Self Recruitment

Source your own participants to participate in a Sonar certified study.

Specialist Recruitment

In those rare cases where the audience falls outside the bounds of our Sonar Community, we will identify and recruit the audience through our dedicated third party expert partners. Our third party partners are of course fully compliant with Sonar’s privacy standards.

Quality Screening

Based on the defined screener criteria and our advanced recruitment platform, we are able to target only the relevant participants you need. To ensure that you get quality responses for your study, our participants go through an intricate fraud detection process.

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