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How and why is my voice and screen recorded?
How and why is my voice and screen recorded?
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Before the study begins you are asked to install an extension which captures the session by recording your voice, screen and camera feed (if you allow it) while you complete the study. The recording is uploaded and stored securely with us when you have finished the session. To learn more about your rights and obligations, you can read more on Terms and conditions which you agreed to previously.

When your recording is approved, UserTribe will look through it to listen to your opinions and analyze your behavior. By looking through and analyzing recordings from multiple participants, UserTribe generates insights which they empower their clients with to help them take better decisions.

Can I remove the extension?
After you've completed the study you can delete the extension, this is done by either right-clicking the icon in the top right corner and click “Remove from Chrome”. If the icon isn’t in the corner, click the controls icon in the top right corner of your browser.

Hover over “More tools” and click on "Extensions". Here you will have an overview of all the installed extensions on your browser.

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