Types of studies and how to participate
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  • Self-test

  • Assisted interview

  • Moderated session

  • Telephone interview

Most of our surveys are self-test, which means you will participate in your own home, at a time that fits you. Be aware that our studies need a specific amount of videos, so it’s "first come first serve”. This means, when all the required videos have been collected, the survey will close.

Assisted interview
Assisted interviews is a method in which we help you with the technicalities throughout the study, so we can assist if you experience any issues or need help with the study. The person assisting will act as a fly on the wall, only interact if needed. This is to ensure higher quality insights and feedback, and a better experience for our testers.

Moderated interview
Depending on the difficulty and requirements of the study, we sometimes resolve this issue by using moderators to assist our testers through the study on an arranged time and date. This is commonly done through Zoom, Zoom is a ‘Chrome’ supported extension, you will need to click the link in the email invitation you receive prior to the arranged time. Zoom is a meeting program, when entering a moderator will be waiting and help you get started.

Telephone interview
If the study only requires audible answers, we sometimes use telephone communication. This method is rarely used as often the self-test capture method is an easier format.

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