How we review your recording
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A few days after a completed test, we will contact you about your participation. If your video was accepted, you will receive your compensation.

Your recording has to live up certain criteria before we can approve it. The reason why we sometimes have to reject a recording is because we need to make sure our clients receive insights that are based on high-quality sessions. Below we listed exactly what it requires to get a recording approved.

Audio quality

  • Loud and clear audio quality

  • Minimum to no background noise

Completion of tasks

  • Participant opens and views stimuli (e.g. website, video, prototype, marketing material)

  • Participant completes all tasks and answers all questions

  • Participant is not experiencing any technical issues

Fraud detection

  • Participant has knowledge of study subject (if there are specific criteria to be eligible to participate)

  • Information provided by participant during the screening is accurate

  • Participant is not faking technical issues (e.g. microphone issues)

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