Insights and How to Create Them

Insights are sharable evidence-based findings and conclusions.

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Insights are designed to help you organize findings and conclusions in a sharable interactive board with description, Experience Nuggets as evidence, and automated Data Visualizations.

With Insights on Sonar you can:

  • Share your findings with team members.

  • See the evidence by clicking quotes and observations to view video snippets.

  • Watch Showreels of all the quotes and observations by clicking the blue play-icon.

  • See Data Visualizations including word cloud, sentiment, emotional reactions, and demographics.

  • Understand the background of the Insight by reading through the description and Study objective.

How to create Insights

Insights are created from within the 'Quotes & Observations' section of a study or project. They are viewed, edited, and organized in the 'Insights' section. Practically, an insight is made up of an insight title, a description with further supporting information and a collection of grouped quotes and observations, experience nuggets as we like to call them.

Global insights are created from the main Search page and are based on data from across any study and project.

1. Search, filter and identify Experience Nuggets that make up a Theme

First, use the search and filter functions to identify a set of experience nuggets, from which you wish to create your insight.

2. Review and select Experience Nuggets to create Insights

From your filtered selection, review the experience nuggets if needed. Now, select the experience nuggets that you would like to 'collect' to create an insight and click Create insight above your quotes and observations.

NB: If you have already created an insight previously and wish to add additional quotes or observations to it, you can do so by using the 'Link to insight'.

3. Fill in the details

You can now type in your insight title and description. Fill in the details and save your insight, which will be available in the Insights tab.

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