Search and filter CX data

Search contextually and filter results to find exactly the customer-related answers you are looking for within or across studies.

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Quickly find customer quotes and observations within or across studies with our free-text search and filtering feature. When searching CX data on the Insights Hub you have multiple search options:

  • Across all your CX data

  • Across Studies in the same Project

  • Within a Study

All relevant customer quotes and observations will be listed as results below search and filters. If you find some or all of them interesting you can view video snippets or select one, multiple, or all of them to create a Playlist or an Insight.

Search across all CX data

Click Search in the top left of the screen. Use the free-text search field to search contextually or by keywords. Simply type a few words or a sentence as you would on any search engine and hit Enter.

Narrow down your search by using one or multiple Filters below the search bar. You can add multiple filters and remove a single filter or all at once.

Filters when searching across all CX data:

  • Keyword

  • Task

  • Audience Segment

  • Sentiment

  • Emotion

  • Type

Search across Studies in the same Project

You can search and filter CX data across studies that are collected in the same project. Click Projects in the top left of the screen. Click the title of a Project containing multiple studies and click Quotes & Observations.

Search within a Study

You can search and filter CX data within a single study. Click Projects in the top left of the screen. Click a Study and click Quotes & Observations.

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