Studies and Projects

Learn what a Study is and how Projects are used as folders for organizing them on the Insights Hub.

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What is a Study?

A Study in Sonar is a container of Study details, CX data and Insights for any conducted research study. They are usually defined by a specific Audience Segment and a set of Study Objectives.

Studies contain:

Projects are folders for Studies

Projects work as containers for studies to keep them organized. A Project can contain one or multiple Studies and is usually named after a product, business objective, or marketing campaign.

Example: You can for example run three similar studies but with different target groups, or Audience Segments as we like to call them. These studies will be grouped in the same project which enables you to dive into a specific study or search across all three of them for CX data and Insights.

In the picture below, you can see the landing page of a Team Account on Sonar, with two Project folders, containing several Studies.

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