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Instructions on how to handle failed uploads and uploads that are stuck

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Failed uploads or uploads that are stuck can be caused by many things, poor internet connection, momentary issues with our servers, firewall issues etc.

Failed upload

First of all, if your test failed to upload try and re-upload your video by clicking the button "Retry uploading".

Stuck upload

If your test is stuck on uploading, then you won't see the 'Retry uploading' button. It can be frustrating to see that it is stuck and the progress bar doesn't move. This can happen for many reasons, eg. large file size because of long interview or even slow internet speeds.

Give the upload 20-30 minutes and if the progress bar still haven't moved, please follow these steps to download your recording and send it to UserTribe:

Step 1: Download your recording by left-clicking the Sonar Recorder extension icon and click the "Download" button

Step 2: Once the videos have been downloaded, go to

Step 3: Upload all the files and send them to

Step 4: Click the "Transfer" button, to send your recording. We will receive the files momentarily

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